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online therapy for young adults

Therapy for Millennials

We live in an age were Google gives us information instantly and we're hit with stimulation from all sides.  Adults today face a lot of decisions, and we have a lot of pressure placed upon us.  No wonder we feel so anxious and overwhelmed!

Do you feel like you're struggling with:

  • insecurities and fears that come with independence or the desire for independence

  • choosing which career or choosing which degree works for you​

  • feeling a huge amount of pressure to succeed

  • feeling a ashamed for struggling with whatever you're doing

  • navigating online dating and intimate relationships

  • fear of missing out

  • fear of making the wrong choices

  • economic uncertainty

  • student debt

  • social media anxiety

  • widening or creating your social circle

  • creating a healthy body image

  • eating disorders

  • cyber-bullying

  • work-life balance

  • self-care

  • adulting in general

  • figuring out who you feel you are as a person

It's not your fault.  

Millennials have a lot placed on our shoulders.  The older generation tries to tell us that this is the best time of our life and at the same time reminds us that every decision we make will impact the rest of our life (no pressure, right?).  At the same time, we're trying to figure out what we want in life, and it's there's way too many choices to choose from.

I'm a millennial myself, so I know what struggles you're going through.  Let me help support and guide you as you learn to manage these feelings of anxiety and stress.

My clients have described me as straightforward, warm, and personable.  I've been known to occasionally curse while I'm talking with my clients.  There will most likely be some times when we laugh together.


I specialize in helping millennials handle anxiety and stress.

I specialize in helping millennials feel confident and worthy.

Not a millennial? I work with other ages too!

All of the work that I offer is online which means that all of these changes can happen while you balance work, relationships, and other obligations you have in your life.

Online counseling helps you get to therapy no matter what is going on in your life.

Schedule a free consultation to find out how online counseling can help you manage stress and reach your goals.

I'm looking forward to working with you!


Fun Fact


What Clients Have Said About Me:

Danielle is a great listener. She is very respectful, professional and always nonjudgmental. She is careful and thoughtful with her comments. And she has a way of helping me come to my own conclusions by pointing out evidences that I may not have recognized were there. I highly recommend her as a counselor. My friends and I have noticed a positive change in my outlook and my confidence since I have been meeting with her. This experience has been well worth it. Thank you!

I take time to reveal a lot of things to people. But Danielle has helped me ease into the process of sharing. Day by day, and little by little. I feel like just sharing and listening to the little advice has helped me think for myself regarding my current situation. Thanks Danielle. I hope to continue therapy with your help.

I love my counselor! I’ve been so busy lately that talking to a counselor hasn’t been an option until now! She gives great advice, asks all the right questions to help me figure out how I feel about situations. Amazing, simply amazing!

Danielle is an amazingly warm-hearted, intelligent woman. Empathetic and intuitive without putting on airs. I have complete confidence in her and am really grateful she entered my life.

Danielle is absolutely fantastic. She is very knowledge, clear in her communication, incredibly patient, and effective. She has been amazing about helping me identify and approach things in a way that resonate with me. I also like that she helps me stay focused on the goals I want to achieve while helping me understand how to get there and providing the tools or exercises that help me get there.

Working with Danielle has been incredible. She has an uncanny ability to meet you where you are and help you move forward in your life. She gives you tangible things to work on and she can really help you identify the areas you may need to focus on through therapy. Needless to say, after working with Danielle I have a lot of tools I can use to help me live a more fulfilling and joyful life. I am eternally grateful for her guidance.

Danielle is so personable and easy to relate to. The fact that she uses humor and personal experiences helps to make the conversation more natural and friend like, helping me to easily open up.