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Danielle Wayne

Millennial Therapist

When I was going to school to become a therapist, something that stood out to me was that I was always the youngest.  Everyone else in my graduate program was old enough to be my parent.  Once I graduated with my Master of Social Work and started working in my field, I also discovered that essentially all of my coworkers were also considerably older than me.  

It's hard for my coworkers to relate to me, because I come from a different generation.  

My coworkers like to talk about their grandchildren, gardening, or retirement.  Whereas I'm more interested in video games, Batman, or getting another tattoo done.

I love the work that I do.  It brings me joy to help people realize their potential and overcome things that used to be obstacles for them.  But sometimes I get discouraged by my fellow therapists.  I feel like sometimes the generational gap makes it hard for us to understand each other.


I've heard so many stories about clients trying to contact therapists and not hearing back.  

I've heard so many stories about being dismissed, minimized, or not listened to.

I've also heard stories about therapists telling clients that they're wrong or to just get over it.

If you've had a hard time finding a therapist who relates to you, because of a generational gap, then make an appointment today.

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the state of Alabama.
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Idaho.
I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker in the state of Iowa.
I am EMDR trained, working on finishing my EMDR certification.