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You can heal your relationship with food!

Have you been struggling for a while to lose weight?

Have you been having a hard time controlling what you eat?

Have you been binging on food and then feeling guilty and ashamed later?

Do you feel a need to control what you eat, and do you obsess over your food?

You're in the right place to heal your relationship with food, by working with a licensed therapist who specializes in healing food relationships and eating disorders.

Traditional weight loss programs don't address the mental and emotional aspect of weight loss.  But our bodies and our minds are connected!  The link between weight and mental health is a "chicken and the egg" scenario.

Often times if we struggle with managing our weight, we also struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, or lower self-esteem.  We often use food as a way to cope and deal with emotions that we struggle with, and we can also essentially become addicted to foods.  If we struggle with disordered eating patterns, often times we feel like we have to control what we eat because that's the only thing we can control in our life.

You can heal your relationship with food and yourself; you can take control of your life with online counseling.

One common method that I frequently use to help heal a relationship with food is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT).  This technique has a great deal of evidence behind it as being effective in healing our relationships with food.  With this tool, I can teach you how to cope in a healthy way.  My goal is to give you enough methods to think in a healthier way that I'm working myself out of a job!

With online counseling, this can be done through video meetings, similar to Skype, or over the phone.  This makes it easy for you to reach your goals of a healthier and happier life! 


All of the work that I do is private, confidential, and affordable, and I'm a licensed therapist in the states of Alabama, Idaho, and Iowa.

Call or schedule a consultation to find out how online counseling can help you reach your weight loss goals.