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Boost your self-esteem and finally feel confident!

Do you have a hard time accepting compliments?

Are you afraid of embarrassing yourself?

Do you often worry about what other people think?

Do you neglect yourself or your self-care?

Do you have a hard time trusting your own judgement?

Self-esteem involves a combination of beliefs about oneself, including emotions, behavior, abilities, and appearance.  It can be seen as an overall concept of self-love or positive regard. 

Self-esteem can be changed, and raised through therapy.

Self-esteem is often described as being "high" or "low," despite many people finding that their self-esteem varies depending on the day or the situation.  Therapy helps you understand what causes these highs or lows, as well as be prepared for life's challenges.  

People who struggle with lower self-esteem often have a negative view of themselves and struggle to see beyond this negative perspective.  People with lower self-esteem can criticize themselves, self-sabotage, or worry about what people think about them.  They may avoid situations that could be unpleasant.

We can work together to help you regain or develop your self-esteem.


Therapy can improve self-esteem.  Counseling sessions start by figuring out what your goals are, what has been stopping you from reaching those goals, and identifying steps to overcome those obstacles.  One important action that we can take is practicing positive self-talk.  We can also work on setting realistic goals and improving positive aspects of your life. 


When we work together, one tool we might use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT), since research has shown this to be an effective way to change how we see ourselves.  This is a short term therapy, meaning you'd only come to therapy once a week.  CBT focuses on keeping our thoughts and behaviors as rational as possible.  With this technique, I can teach you how to see yourself in a more positive way.  

Therapy that improves self-esteem is often a process.  It's something that can feel like taking two steps forward and one step backwards, but the important thing is realizing that this is still progress.  We'll be taking this journey together, so you won't be alone while you develop the self-esteem that you deserve.

With online counseling, this can be done through video meetings, similar to Skype.


All of the work that I do is private, confidential, and affordable.  I'm a licensed therapist in the states of Alabama, Idaho, and Iowa.

Are you ready to take the first step towards increased self-esteem and confidence?  With help, you can become motivated and realize your true potential.

Schedule a consultation to find out how online counseling can help you reach your goals.