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online therapy for young adults

Imagine if your work left you feeling fulfilled.

You’ve likely landed on this page because something in your life or your career is not working for you and you’re seeking help to make changes.  A lot of times our modern lives come with modern stresses, including workplace anxiety and stress.

A huge chunk of our time is spent at work, so when we don't feel satisfied with our work then that can make us feel burnt out.  Or maybe we want to switch careers and aren't sure what we want to do or how to make that switch.

Career counseling can help provide some guidance when you feel lost about your work.

When we work together, we'll discuss the best solution for your goals.  One common method to help provide career guidance that I frequently use is identifying values.  This is one way that I can teach you how to figure out what's most important in your life so that you can have a fulfilling career.  

With online counseling, this can be done through video meetings, similar to Skype, or over the phone.  This makes it easy for you to reach your goals of reducing work stress!  All of the services that I provide are private and confidential.

Are you ready to take the first step towards having a satisfying career life?

Call or schedule a consultation to find out how online counseling can help you manage stress and reach your goals.