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Free yourself from stress and anxiety!

Have you been finding yourself thinking a lot about your future?

Have you been irritable lately?

Do you have problems sleeping?

Do you have a hard time focusing or concentrating?

Have you noticed that you're often restless or on edge?

You can learn to manage or handle your anxiety with the help of therapy.

Anxiety may look like different things for different people; for example social anxiety can look different than a panic attack.  The way the anxiety presents itself may be different, but anxieties have a common idea of fear and dread. 


In general, anxiety is a situation where we imagine the worst case scenario, and then we assume that the event will absolutely happen.  This is such a terrifying thing to imagine that we end up making ourselves worry despite the fact that this worst case scenario hasn't actually happened.

Anxiety can make us feel like there's a huge weight on our shoulders.  We can feel irritable, angry, or annoyed.  Stress and anxiety can also give us many physical issues, like headaches, nausea, or diarrhea.  Feelings of anxiety are also connected to anxiety or panic attacks.

Don't let stress or anxiety rule your life.

Therapy can help you manage your feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious.  Counseling sessions start by figuring out what your goals are, what has been stopping you from reaching those goals, and identifying steps to overcome those obstacles.  One important action that we can take is exploring what causes these feelings of stress for you.  We can also work on stress management training and relaxation training. 

When we work together, one tool we might use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT), since research has shown this to be an effective way to combat anxiety.  This therapy is typically considered a short term therapy, which means that you're only coming to counseling once a week.  This therapy looks at changing thinking and behavior patterns so that we are thinking about our triggers as rationally as possible. 

Another tool that we might use is mindfulness.  Mindfulness is about observing our world and our emotions instead of reacting.  This helps us work through and handle our feelings of anxiety without getting so caught up in that emotion.

I have found that by using some combination of all of these tools, my clients are able to learn skills to manage their anxiety. In fact, I'm often working myself out of a job.

With online counseling, this can be done through video meetings, similar to Skype.  This makes it easy for you to reach your goals of reducing of eliminating stress from your life! 


All of the work that I do is private, confidential, and affordable.  I'm a licensed therapist in the states of Alabama, Idaho, and Iowa.

Are you ready to take the first step towards leaving anxiety and stress behind?

Schedule a consultation to find out how online counseling can help you manage stress and reach your goals.